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SimWay Hunt - the world famous hunting and shooting simulator

SimWay Hunt - the world famous hunting and shooting simulator

The Oravia Guest House offers you a great and unique opportunity - SimWay Hunt - the world’s most advanced interactive simulator for hunting and target shooting. The simulator enables the simulation of shooting with a long (rifle or shotgun) or a short gun (pistol).

Several interesting disciplines are available on the simulator. You can enjoy the simulated hunting shooting of live targets (wild animals) or non-live targets. For example, you can choose to hunt bear and wild boar, or shoot from various distances, or you can choose to shoot stationery or moving targets and clay pigeons.

Some of the games are available for two shooters so you can challenge your friends! The simulator offers many alternatives and you are invited to explore each of them.

The price for the simulator is 13 EUR/hour including the guns, so you don’t have to bring anything. You have to order in advance at + 421 915 643 257.

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